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The Tegan Jovanka Appreciation Association
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The Tegan Jovanka Appreciation Association


"Call yourself a Time Lord! A broken
clock keeps better time than you do;
at least it's accurate twice a day,
which is more than you ever are!" - Tegan

"How do you feel now?"
"Groggy, sore, and bad-tempered."
"Oh. Almost your old self." - Five, Tegan

"I'm just a mouth on legs." - Tegan


The Rules:

1. Tegan Jovanka or Janet Fielding-related posts only. General Doctor Who converation is to be taken to the appropriate venues (i.e. doctorwho). Janet Fielding posts are limited to images, links to/or transcripts of interviews where the actress discusses Doctor Who in any shape, way or form.

2. Like all fan comms, we welcome fanart, icons, fan fictions, etc.

2a. Images larger than 200x200, including fanarts, must be placed behind an LJ-CUT. If you post icons, no more than three outside of an LJ-CUT, please.

2b. We're het/femslash/gen friendly here. We only ask you clearly label your story, along with a rating/warning of any "questionable" contents, and place the body of it behind a cut. If you're not a fan of femslash (and, conversely, het), avoid those fictions and not harass the author or fic commentators who do enjoy it.

3. Trolls and spam will not be tolerated. Trolls will be booted and banned with extreme prejudice. Spam/Spammers will suffer the same fate.

4. xmouth_on_legsx is a community born of love of a character whom isn't very popular with the majority of the Doctor Who fandom. Being fans of an unpopular/hated character is tough. Show the respect you'd like shown to Tegan to every character in the Who-verse, no matter what era he/she is from. This includes all incarnations of the Doctor. The comm will not be a breeding ground of hate for Peri Brown, Turlough, etc. Keep negative commentary on your personal Journals, please.

5. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to affilate a Doctor Who-related community with this one, contact one of the moderators: donna_c_punk or lilly_rose.


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General Doctor Who Websites

The Official BBC Doctor Who Site
Outpost Gallifrey
The Official Sci-Fi Channel Doctor Who Site
Doctor Who Reference Guide
schillPages: Doctor Who Image Archive

Tegan-related Websites

The Tegan Jovanka Fanlisting
TWA: Tegan Worldwide Admirers
The Tegan Jovanka Homepage

Fan Fiction

Five/Tegan Stories (compiled by ghost2)
First Tegan Jovaka Fic-A-Thon Stories

Fan Art/Icons


If you'd like to suggest a website or link your fiction, fanart, icons, etc. in our Community bio, let us know! You can contact either donna_c_punk or lilly_rose or simply post in the community itself. We want to spread the Tegan Love!